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Jim B. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

The King’s Ransom has one major fault! It is sticky!! I picked it up and couldn’t get it out of my fingers until it was completely read. Excellent reading again Paton and I hope you keep on writing. Thank you for some real down to earth content. 

Kings Ransom Book Cover

Edward P. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

I have completed reading “The King’s Ransom”. I did laugh and on occasion dam near cried. The detail provided often gave me the feeling of being there. The several times you spoke of personal experiences gave me deeper insight into just how tough you  must have been. Many questions still linger and I eagerly await the next book.

Ken C. - Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA

Paton, We just received a couple of copies of The King’s Ransom today by mail. We were like two kids I thought tearing open Christmas gifts to get at the books. To say the least we are very excited to get reading. Once more congratulations on ‘King of Algonquin Park’ and congratulations on completing ‘The King’s Ransom’. It too will find a special place in my library and also a special place in my heart.

Ken C. - Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA

Hello Paton, I have just finished reading ‘The King’s Ransom’ and felt I had travelled a million miles as I read chapter after chapter. I was with you and Emmett every step of the way. Your life together has been an amazing journey and certainly sharing those times in your lives together with the readers in ‘King of Algonquin Park’ and ‘The King’s Ransom’ has undoubtedly brought meaning to those who have read them. I cannot find words to express what it has meant to me. I must admit I teared-up a bit in the last chapters as I felt your pain and sorrow in what you wrote about the ending. But, as one wilderness person to another, I also share your passion for the greatness of the outdoors and it is something special we will have in our lives forever. I have seen some of your paintings which display nature’s beauty on your website and they are very beautiful. So long for now.

Jackie B. - Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA

Dear Paton, I just finished reading both of your books, “King of Algonquin Park” and “The King’s Ransom” and I want to say, “BRAVO” to you! What excellent reads they both were. I went to our local library in September 2013 to sign out various books for my elderly father to read while living alone at home and being recently widowed. My father LOVED your two books ‘King of Algonquin Park’ and ‘The King’s Ransom’. They will make the rounds here as all are anxious to read “these fabulous books” that my father can’t speak enough of. Thank you for the wonderful visualizations I got while reading your books. They brought to life some wonderful memories of my own childhood out in the bush.  I could go on and on ….. but I won’t.  I am done reading both of your books [King of Algonquin Park’ and ‘The King’s Ransom’] and you’ve left me craving and wanting more. Sign of an excellent author I’d say. Regards,

Dan H. - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, CANADA

I don’t get ‘The Sault Star’, I have my father-in-law keep it for me for lighting fires. It was a while ago and for some reason, I looked at the page I was about to crumple up and start my fire. The picture of Emmett, [‘Trapper’] caught my eye; something about the glare, his demeanor, so I glanced at it and set it aside to read later. I read the one page article in the Sault Star and then I was hooked, then bought the book ‘King of Algonquin Park’. I am so impressed with his love of nature, his ‘uneducated’ wisdom; I mean that in the highest respect - school does not make a great man; the great man just comes out. What intrigues me and draws me to him is the way he was, did things, respected things, the values he had, and all the little tricks he used. All his ideas were born out of wisdom and a necessity to make his life that much easier. I think you are a true outdoors woman to work side by side [with ‘Trapper’] and to learn what you did is a rare gift. I have read both books [‘King of Algonquin Park’ and ‘The King’s Ransom’] and I am truly impressed with the adventures of ‘The King’ and yourself; a very well written account of a real life voyageur and a true gentleman of the North. I felt I was a part of the adventure or adventures due to the great vivid detail of your book. A roaring fire and your books are a must for all to read. 



Arleen B. - Powassan, Ontario, CANADA

I want to congratulate you on your success of ‘King of Algonquin Park’. My husband was the District Forester in Chapleau in the early 70’s and I was involved in the community as District Commissioner for the Girl Guides. I had a phone call from Pat Lindsay who was interested in starting a Girl Guide company in Sultan, Ontario. I drove to Sultan on a dirt logging road to meet with Pat. I was impressed with her intelligence, enthusiasm and pleasant manner and wished to encourage her with this endeavour. Shortly after this, we were transferred from Chapleau and lost touch. I often wondered how Pat made out. To my surprise and delight she became an author, poet, artist and was heavily involved with the appreciation and preservation of our natural resources. I want to thank friends for bringing ‘King of Algonquin Park’  by Paton Lodge Lindsay to my attention and loaning me the book. I want to congratulate her on her book.  I have read ‘King of Algonquin Park’ enjoyed it, and have ordered the second one, ‘The King’s Ransom’; looking forward to the tales in it as well. What a life you and Emmett [‘Trapper’] had and how wonderful that you have shared his stories and yours as well. Keep telling the stories, they are wonderful! All the best,


Patricia R. - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, CANADA

I had the whole evening to myself last night and really enjoyed ‘King of Algonquin Park’. I now feel as if I knew ‘Trapper’ … your depictions of him are so evocative and your descriptions of particulars in the park, to say nothing of going home for Christmas and the wedding were … transports! I am toying with the idea of pleading a bad cold so as to retire to my bed and read ‘The King’s Ransom’ while ‘King of Algonquin Park’ is still fresh in my mind. BIG cheers on the memoir.