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I bought ‘King of Algonquin Park’ recently and read it in two days; I couldn’t put it down. The author made me feel like I was part of Emmett’s (‘Trapper’s’) life. It was a colourful picture of someone who truly loved and cherished the outdoors and all wildlife even though he was a trapper. I really enjoyed the personal experiences of the author with this man who brought so much into her life and the fact that she wanted everyone to come to know him. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to see how harsh and also fulfilling life can be. We can all learn a lot from Emmett Chartrand.



Bonnie C.—Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

I read this wonderful book in a day because I couldn’t put it down. I have laughed so much and felt sad at the very hard life of ‘Trapper’ and others of that era and life style. I love your way of telling the story; I learned something in every chapter. Everyone should put this book on their reading list. Love it, Love it.

Mary M. - Burlington, Ontario, CANADA

I read ‘King of Algonquin Park’ from cover to cover. Your story was amazing … I am going to start re-reading it tonight. I just had to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed your book.

Carol F. - Bracebridge, Ontario, CANADA

‘King of Algonquin Park’ has to be an awesome book. ‘Trapper’ taught both my husband and I and our two children a lot about life in the bush. What a delightful read and so fitting a place to finish it at Wakami Lake Provincial Park. I could see ‘Trapper’ canoeing off into the sunset; his story came to life; I could actually hear him talking. This would be a wonderful read for youth with its easy to understand language, and any adult would enjoy the read. I’m looking forward to another book, a sequel perhaps? ABSOLUTELY!!! I can hardly wait.

Bill Mc. L. - Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA

‘King of Algonquin Park’ is not only a crackin’ good read, it is a remarkable record of what life was like for fur trappers and their families when trapping was much more than a weekend recreation for the ‘pseudo bushmen’ of today. The book has some wonderful tales and it is not without its scary wilderness episodes. This handsome book is extremely well written, edited and packaged.

Bill L. - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, CANADA

The ‘King of Algonquin Park’ is finished and I certainly enjoyed all the stories of you and ‘Trapper’. It was quite the adventure. Emmett was a real character and so knowledgeable about trapping and the bush. He also had a real understanding of life and what is important. We are honoured to have known him. Paton, your writing with humour and suspense in your stories helped get a message of conservation and appreciation for wildlife across to the reader. Look forward to your next writing.

Paul P. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

Recently purchased your book ‘King of Algonquin Park’ when you were in Desbarats, Ontario in August. Being an outdoor enthusiast and canoeist this book was everything I was looking for in a book. This was one book I could not put down. It was nice to read about your interesting life with ‘Trapper’. Well written, Well Done! Thanks, looking forward to your next book.

Darlene G. - Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Paton brings the forest alive for the reader. This book is a wonderful mix of history, geography and life experiences keeping the reader waiting to find out what is coming next. With just a touch of the romantic Paton endears us to both herself and her ‘King of Algonquin Park’ in their adventures together.

Linda-Lou D. - - Montreal, QUEBEC

‘King of Algonquin Park’ is a book everyone should read. I just loved it. You will have some good laughs and some good cries and most of all learn so much.

Tim R., (MNR C.O., retired), Manitoulin Island, Ontario, CANADA

Congratulations! I’m still reading and re-reading the parts I like best. Having known Emmett (‘Trapper’) back in the Wakami days, and having shared many a coffee and story I had many great memories as I read this book. Paton has captured the mood and the feel of the bush and the spirit of a totally self sufficient, ‘beholdin’ to nobody’ independent bushman. A really wonderful read. Thanks for the memories.

Sue L. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

Great story! So interesting that you were able to put into words what the sights and sounds of the bush are like. I have camped for years and took so much for granted. I truly enjoyed every moment of it. As I was reading I could literally feel the air, and smell the bush; hear the sounds and see the sights. Great job. Looking forward to the next one.

Roberta C. - U.S.A.

By putting pen to paper and recording your shared history with the ‘King of Algonquin Park’ you preserved it for future generations. This area of Canada has been our summer home away from home for almost 50 years and your book filled in some of the big empty spaces of its discovery and settlement and the people who met, and mastered it. It defined the intimacy of man and nature, the abundance and frailty and enormous blessings provided. It demonstrated the respect of a man entrusted to it, the humbling and uplifting lessons of nature and the beauty of the earth with the magnificent message that God will provide. I highly recommend it. It was very inspirational to me.

Edward P. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

In an age of I-pads, I-pods and the internet, it is refreshing to look back on our early history to a time when ‘roughing it’ meant more than staying in a two star hotel. From cover to cover I was drawn from one exciting adventure to another. Through the eyes of the author I laughed and shed a tear and learned a new appreciation for my life filled with modern convenience ‘King of Algonquin Park’ is an incredible adventure.

Text Box: Jim B. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA
I have read your book ‘King of Algonquin Park’ and I am very impressed with the content and the very apt way it is presented. Met Emmett (‘Trapper’) in Little Rapids several years ago and he truly was a REAL MAN. Well done, and hurry with your next book as we will all be awaiting it.— GREAT STUFF!!!

Diane G. - Algoma, Ontario, CANADA

I finished your book ‘King of Algonquin Park’. A GREAT story, learned a lot. I would read any more books by you. I would recommend this book for any ages, male or female. Well done.

Robert L. - British Columbia, CANADA

I read your book ‘King of Algonquin Park’. It was great! I read excerpts to my class on several occasions. I really enjoyed it. My school has bought several copies. When are you doing a book tour out west?

John L - Manitouwadge, Ontario, CANADA

I really enjoyed your ‘King of Algonquin Park’. Thank you for sharing that remarkable memoir with us. As a long-time trapper, I feel competent to say that you have captured that way of life and era accurately.


Sandra J. -Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Started reading ‘King of Algonquin Park’ and couldn’t put it down until it was done. Thank you Paton, its now one of my treasures.

Ken C. - Pembroke, Ontario, CANADA (retired Lands & Forests)

Those early years I spent at home in the bush just seemed to disappear from my thoughts one day. Some of the old trappers I knew had passed away, Emmett was gone, new people arrived and I found I couldn’t talk to anybody about lakes, rivers, trapping and The Park. They just didn’t get it or me for that matter. I felt a great void in my life. I thought it was all lost, only a dream. That light that shone so brightly within me was now so dim. Forty some years later, your book, ‘King of Algonquin Park’ brought that light to a new brightness that will shine within me forever. People like ourselves will treasure these memories for as long as we live. ‘King of Algonquin Park’ has found a special place in my library but more so a special place in my heart and I thank you for that.

Darcy B.- Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, CANADA

Thank you for writing your books. After reading the Sault Star column on the release of your second book ‘The King’s Ransom’ and your upcoming book signing, I was able to get ‘King of Algonquin Park’. I thoroughly enjoyed your story telling and the details contained therein. My father was about the same age as ‘The King’ and oh my … how I can relate to the jokes, expressions, teasing, and no-nonsense bush craft of which you wrote. I look forward to reading ‘The King’s Ransom. Regards,

Arlene B. - Powassan, Ontario, CANADA

My husband was the District Forester in Chapleau in the early 70’s and I was involved in the community as District Commissioner for the Girl Guides. I had a phone call from Pat Lindsay who was interested in starting a Girl Guide company in Sultan, Ontario. I drove to Sultan on an old dirt logging road to meet with Pat. I was impressed with her intelligence, enthusiasm and pleasant manner and wished to encourage her to proceed with this endeavour. Shortly after this, we were transferred from Chapleau and lost touch. I often wondered how Pat made out. To my surprise and delight, she became an author, poet, artist and was heavily involved with the appreciation and preservation of our natural resources. …. I want to congratulate you Paton on the success of ‘King of Algonquin Park’. I have read it and enjoyed it. What a life Emmett (‘Trapper’) had and how wonderful that you shared his stories and yours as well. You certainly have enjoyed the North! And what adventures you had! Keep telling the stories, they are wonderful. I have ordered the second book, ‘The King’s Ransom’ and I am looking forward to it also. I am also an artist and enjoyed seeing your work on your web page. All the best,

Brian H. - Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

I recently read your book ‘King of Algonquin Park’. I made a point of dedicating myself to reading it and I’m so glad I did. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for taking the time to scribe it all out. It was a wonderful read and hit home on so many points as to why I enjoy the outdoors so much. I only wish I did it more as a young guy, but I let things get in the way for a few years. I’ve made an earnest effort to enjoy it as much as I can these days and to pass it along to my 2 boys. My wife recently took the hunting and firearms course and never in our previous 25 years together would I have guessed she’d want to hunt. Now she sees the fun and the camaraderie and the enjoyment in the outdoors we experience each and every time we set foot in God’s country. ‘Trapper’s’ words hit home so many times — like the ‘citiots’ and for his wisdom and feelings about the outdoors and animals. I’ve recommended your book numerous times to try and provide some insight. So, thanks again. I hope it sells well for you and for the outdoors because the more people who read it, will have a greater appreciation for the outdoors.

Steve G. - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Just finished your dammed book last night. I had to get up at 2:00AM to work an early shift. I kept saying to myself ‘just one more chapter, then just one more’; the rest is history and now I’m at my desk yawning. Thank you for such a wonderful book and I truly enjoyed it start to finish. I bought it at the trappers convention last weekend. I also come from a long line of trappers and outdoorsmen and although I’m forced to work down here in Toronto I never forget my love for the bush and still work my trapline and hunt and fish as well. Well, its back to the grindstone and I just wanted to say thanks for a great read all of which I could relate to. I’d love to see some of your art as well if you could send some pics. Thanks again,

Dan H. - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, CANADA

I’ve read both books [‘King of Algonquin Park’ and ‘The King’s Ransom’] and am truly impressed with the adventures of ‘The King’ and yourself — a very well written account of a real life voyageur and a true gentleman of the north. I felt I was apart of the adventure or adventures due to the great vivid detail of your books. I don’t get the local newspaper; I have my father-in-law keep it for me for lighting fires. It was a while ago and for some reason I looked at the page I was about to crumple up and use to start my fire. A picture of Emmett caught my eye, something about the glare, his demeanor, so I glanced at it and set it aside to read later. I read the one page article and then I was hooked. I bought the book and I am so impressed with his love of nature, his uneducated wisdom. I mean that in the highest respect; school does not make a great man; the great man just comes out. What intrigues me to him, is the way he was; did things; respected things. I too hold those same values. Its all the little tricks he used, some I figured out on my own and a lot I was sitting there and saying, “you smart ole prick what a great idea”. Mostly, it is the snowshoes with tire tubes. If you were to see me, I too this day walk around with a piece of tire tube around my winter boots for my snow shoes. All his ideas were born out of wisdom and a necessity to make his life that much easier. I think you are a true outdoors woman to work side by side and learn what you did is a rare gift. I am compelled, yet apprehensive to ask, but do you have anything of ’Trapper’s’ that I could have, something small to put on my shelf at my camp to look at and remind myself of my place in the bush? - A roaring fire and your books are a must for all to read. Thanks. again,




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Doreen C. - Saskatchewan, CANADA

Very prosaic and rich in metaphor; wonderful description. The description of the voyageurs was informative. Chapter 2 hooked me on the book ‘King of Algonquin Park’. The solid information about the genealogical history of ‘Trapper’ and his interesting connection to Radisson and Groseilliers was a reminder to me they were really alive once. ‘Trapper’s’ age, his ability and motivation in life set the character firmly in mind. Paton’s sheer panic of being alone in the bush - what was she then 18 -20? - is well described and her experience in the boat where she felt she had to swim to shore was vivid . Beautiful description; I loved her language, and her description of events comes in a way that allows the reader to experience them almost first hand. This book is filled with the instinct of animals and their intelligence. The rabbit gift from ‘Tracker’ to ‘Trapper’ spoke volumes of the intelligence and understanding of the dog. Much wisdom is shared here. Her descriptions are almost a to do manual. The attention to detail and passing down good information is outstanding. This book is a wealth of information. The light hearted things that took place lightened the story and made survival seem risky but safer. The preparing and selling of pelts and making the camp ready for their return, I was fascinated with how they did this. The time in the forest was lovely. The ‘Trail of the Long Runner’ story was a beautiful piece of history. This book is a fascinating story of hands on survival and practical information. I just mention that I read this book every day until I got to Chapter 28 and then I could not put it down. I wanted to know more and more and more. The last twelve chapters were read in 3 marathon sessions.

Text Box:

Jane K. - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Much of the writing is a “down home” style; sometimes even the narrative takes on ‘Trapper’s’ voice. This technique makes the reader feel like they are right there with the

two of them”.

Evelyn R. - Huntsville, Ontario, CANADA

Dear Paton, I just don’t write authors ever, but your book is great. I laughed, I cried and learned, all essential to me in a great book. I hope I can expect more in the future. I love the way you praise the Lord throughout this book.

Graham G. - Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Hi Paton, We met briefly last spring in North Bay where I purchased your book, ‘King of Algonquin Park’. I just finished reading it and thought it was great. It brought back many memories of my childhood and being introduced to the wilderness, I have hopes of taking my own children fishing and hunting and showing them the ethic as well. This book will be a great tool for them someday. The history is very interesting. Your book is going to be a very popular gift in our family.