I Remember November Eleven

I remember November eleven,

Mommy said it was the day I was born,

On November eleven she said my Daddy left

To fight for freedom in countries war torn.

I remember November eleven

And the day that I turned four;

That night that I woke up and answered

The mid-night knock upon our door.

I remember November eleven,

That soldier standing with his back to the door.

It was my birthday and I KNEW

My Daddy’d come home from the war.

I remember November eleven,

That soldier turned around and said,

“Would your Mommy be home son?”

I told him, “YOU’RE NOT MY DAD.”

I remember November eleven,

That soldier standing there so sad,

Said he’d come to tell Mommy

‘Bout the accident Daddy’d had.

I remember November eleven,

I saluted that soldier and asked,



I remember November eleven,

When that soldier saluted me and said,

“No Sir, --- I’m sorry son ----

But your Daddy is dead.”

I remember November eleven.

The day they ended the war,

It was the day that I turned seven,

And I knew I’d see Daddy no more.

I remember November eleven,

With a red poppy pinned on my coat,

And I remember WHY my Daddy DIED

Each time I cast a ballot and vote.

Paton Lodge Lindsay

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