Stay or Go??

I some times wonder why Iím still alive

Taking up space on earth

What kind of departure might I contrive

Why hell might be a better berth.

No time to play

Just bodily decay

In all my years of waste

Will I ever be of any worth

Or should I just depart in haste?

There is no end to work nor pain,

No time for fun nor pleasures gain.

No time for little deeds to others please

No time to pray on bended knees.

It takes all day to do my chores,

My lifeís now spent between two doors

I am beginning to wonder how it would be

To just --- move on, live eternally.

Even if I live to ninety seven

I will never get to heaven

Iím too old to shovel coal

Just have to stay here

And live on the old age dole.

I have my art, my music, my books, my genealogy data

I work all day at the computer

Growing oldda, growing fatta,

Oh what the hell what does it matta?

It seems I have to stay here for awhile,

So I just might as well live

And love and laugh and smile

Paton Lodge Lindsay

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